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December 15/2015

The past year for Rochelimit has been a busy one. A solid few months were spent in the studio finishing up the musical score for the Sci-Fi Feature film called "Helix". It was a lot of fun to do and really tested my abilities, I feel like I really grew as an artist. I also took part in a hand full of art shows, showcasing a few of my paintings not to mention slowly gearing up to start recording the next album. I look forward to see what the new year brings. Stay tuned for more frequent postings...

 October 12/2014

I've started up another website (www.davidrighton.com) to showcase some other art that I've been up to recently.Please have a little peak at it if you feel so inclined. Also note, while it's been a while since I've recorded and released any music I have started to feel the itch to  get back at it, so hopefully I'll get some time to get back in the studio soon.

May 24/2014

I recently decided it would be fun to try and make a didgeridoo from scratch. I went into the woods and chopped down a tree that I felt would make a good one and got to work cutting, carving and painting. You can get a more detailed look by checking out my blog where I have pictures and descriptions of the process by clicking here. The final product ended up looking and sounding like this...

 April 15/2013

I entered a remix contest for a song called Solace by a band called My Midnight Heart.
I can't win the contest, or probably even enter it legit cause it's only open to US
residents but I thought I'd do it anyway to test out a few new VSTi's and because remixing
is fun. You can check it out here.


March 24/2013

Here is a new video for the song "Pretty Little Thing". It took about a month to do as
I learned how to animate (crudely I might add) a cartoon version of myself as he has
random adventures and eventually learns where he's from. I hope you like it!!



January 24/ 2013

New video for the song "Sail Away" check it out here.



January 17 / 2013

It's early in the new year and I hope to release a few videos in the next little while, starting with one for the song "Sail Away" off the new album. It should be out soon and features military planes, atomic bombs, rainbows and flying unicorns. It's confused but visually goes quite well with the song. Here is a still image from it so far...











December 02/2012

Just a quick note to mention I've finally updated the Discography section to include the Lyrics from the new album "Sky Parlor"  (forthose of you who want to follow along and know what the hell I'm singing about). Also it seems the album has been doing quite well on the college station circuit and is sitting in the top 10 position across Canada in the electronic charts. So thanks to all the college stations for playing the album and thanks to the fans for requesting it and keeping the momentum going. Have a great December everyone!!


October 09/2012

Have a listen, and if you like it? Buy from CD Baby (below), iTunes or Bandcamp (more options coming soon)


September 30/2012

Teaser video for the song "Just Breathe" off the new album Sky Parlor.


September 18/2012

Teaser Video for "Dirty Contradictions".....


 September 13/2012

Third teaser video for the song "Lost at Sea"...



August 24/2012
Second teaser video for the song "Mind the Faucet" from the new album Sky Parlor...


August 3/2012
Here is the first teaser video off the new album "Sky Parlor" out October 9th, 2012.
The song will be the first single and is called "Me Myself and I". Stay tuned, more teaser
videos will be posted in the future!!!


July 12/2012
Welcome to the new updated Roche Limit website headquarters. I figured I might as well update the crap out of this site to go along with the new release "Sky Parlor" due out OCTOBER 9th 2012!!
The album will consist of 13 tracks as follows...

1. Mind the Faucet
2. Lost at Sea
3. Me Myself and I
4. Dirty Contradictions
5. Pretty Little Thing
6. Your Song
7. Slow Down
8. Someday
9. Sail Away
10. Mister White
11. Tigers Tongue
12. Mystery
13. Just Breathe


The Album artwork was done by my friend and amazing artist Lara Scarr who hooked me up with this album image and I just love it. Check out her website for a look at some other cool pieces.
I also had my wickedly talented genius sister photographer Leigh Righton take the photos that will be accompanying this release (Inside the album as well as promo pics) including the one at the top of this page.


April 26/2012
Roche Limit's 3rd full length album tentatively titled "Sky Parlor" is nearing completeion with a release date announcement expected in the near future. The 13 track album includes 6 tracks produced by Kevvy Mental of Fake Shark Real Zombie and has a more congruent well rounded sound than previous releases. The cover art was created by Vancouver Island Artist Lara Scarr and is in the final stages of design, stay tuned for images and track listing. In the meantime here is a behind the scenes peak into the mixing process for one of the upcoming songs from the new album called "Dirty Contradictions" at Fader Master Studios.




October 8th 2011
Besides being hard at work on the next Roche Limit album, there are a few things going on over here to let you know about. We will be featured over at "Made Loud" which is a super cool site, so be sure check it out when you've got a chance. We've also been getting some airplay on Toronto's "Tranquilizer Radio" of late, which is great for us.

There are also another couple compilation CD's being released featuring a couple Roche Limit songs, one is called "Sounds of the Underground 2011" and will be released on November 26, 2011 on Beatport and Juno through "Daviddance" and the other is a limited release "Longe Media Conference" CD 2011.



















February 4 / 2011
So you can download the Pacific Northwest College and University Winter Sampler 2011 compilation CD here for free!! It includes the Roche Limit song "I Am" along with 16 other artists ranging in style and genre, like The Nico Blues, The Selmanaires, The Fun Police and Wordsmith. Album art included in download.

320Kbps mp3's — Very HQ, for high speed users/audiophiles

192Kbps mp3's — Still HQ, A little bit smaller, if bandwidth is an issue.